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With our knowledge and expertise, we provide the best quality Interlock installation for your home or business and we are renowned for our excellence in service by demonstrating integrity, loyalty and dedication to each of our clients.

Working with P&M Interlock Design makes your investment worth while, and guaranties that your investment will be positively reflected on the value of your property.

Our designers will help you find the materials that will fill your expectations and create an artistic and logical design that will bring your projects to life. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, Interlock estimate.


Our Design Specialists will meet with you to help capture your desire and match the materials, colours and design which will best suit the surrounding environment.

A customized, computerized design is prepared and an estimated budget quotation is presented to you for review, with an approximate start date.

A precise evaluation of the costs is presented once the final design is selected.

If the quotation is accepted, all details are reviewed and a contract is signed.

P&M Interlock Design ensures that:

  • We are paying attention to your needs
  • Location of hydro, telephone and gas lines is done
  • The quality materials selected will fill your expectations
  • An artistic and logical design is created for your home
  • All projects will be completed within a timely manner


Unilock icon"P&M Interlocking Design is an official certified Installer for UNI-LOCK"

Whether it is for a driveway, a garage entrance, a pool deck, a walkway or a beautiful backyard terrace, all our projects are set a strong base.

Our foundations are made of 98% compacted gravel base. We install geotextile membrane on the under base and we use stone dust for the final grade.

- Interlock Stone
- Stone Dust

- Granular A crushed stone
- Geotextile Membrane
- Existing Soil

We are experts in design and special cuts as well as working with any type of stone or block.

We use the best interlocking techniques and follow the basic principles:

  • Cleanliness during and after work
  • Attention to detail
  • 100% Customer satisfaction
  • Guaranteed work

"P&M Interlocking Design is an official certified Installer for UNI-LOCK"

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